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Our aim - Clear the grey clouds of confusion and let the sun shine on the oldest cultivated plant in history.

Making CBD as uncomplicated, affordable and easy to take as possible. The journey may have been complex, but the result is simple…


Meet little HEX

It’s the end of CBD oil as you know it!
From the new Daily range at CB.Do, the HEX is the world’s 1st multi-function CBD tablet cleverly formulated with natures best line up and made with our patented water-soluble CBD powder! This cutting-edge technology is the first of its kind. Precisely dosed, more absorbable and faster acting than any CBD oil on the market. It may surprise you to learn that it is in fact, still oil (just really, really small!)
Ready for the science bit?

Changing the industry

Our mission to change the industry standard by offering a simple and cost effective, daily CBD solution to supplement your lifestyle has been realised! Helping you do.more.dailyTM with mother nature’s oldest natural ingredients used all over the world for over 12,000 years.

Our passion for natures science and healing remedies is now realised into this cutting edge product. All you have to do is remember to take it!

I want to get hexy

The Science Bit

When CBD is extracted from the plant it has an oil-based form. Like any oil it doesn’t dissolve well in water. Since our bodies are over 60% water the CBD oil resists absorption and approximately 96% of it gets flushed away. What a waste! Our clever eggheads found a way to pulverise the oil droplets into tiny particles, encapsulating them so they stay really small. Enter our patented water-soluble CBD extract which provides maximum absorption, so you get even more than you pay for!

The hexagon shaped tablets are correctly dosed to give you the optimum level of CBD without the confusion of different strengths, doses & delivery methods. It’s got 0% THC so there’s no highs (or lows). We’ve also crammed it full of other well-known natural plant-based remedies to give you maximum benefits depending on whether you need more rest, more energy, a brain boost or to help your immune system and joints.


Here's how it works

Step 1

Our premium gradeCBD oil is scientifically extracted from thehemp plant using C02

Step 2

The CBD oil is pulverised, shrunk by 100x and suspended into a stable, water soluble CBD powder

Step 3

The water soluble CBD powder is pressedinto a tablet alongside natural vitamins and minerals


The journey

We spent months making sure we sourced the purest, lab tested, ethically sourced CBD in the world, ensuring it came with all its supporting certificates, lab test results and manufacturing accreditations. We’re not talking any old CBD oil here. We were looking for a very specific premium water-soluble extract to allow us to offer the most absorbable and safest product on the market! 

We then consulted top nutritionists, worked our way through 100’s of science and research papers until we found the best formula’s mother nature had to offer, went back and forth with many manufacturers until we found one that was fully GMP and ISO 22000 compliant and we were happy to work with. Following this we consulted legal teams, trade associations, insurance companies, branding experts, marketing experts, packaging consultants, graphic designers, the vegan society, carbon offsetting officials, recycling gurus and the list goes on and on. It’s also been a year+ in the making to get accepted on to a novel food application, differentiating ourselves from 1000’s of other CBD producers and brands and ensuring we work closely with the food standards agency for years to come, always maintaining safety and transparency. 

Join on us the CBD revolution and try it for yourself, we offer a money back guarantee; that’s how confident we are in what we’ve achieved.


We use only the highest quality certified Vegan ingredients, that have been lab tested for purity and strength.

Fully certified
and legal

Certified 0.00% THC broad spectrum CBD water soluble powder with no impurities or residual solvents.

Grade CBD

C02 extracted organically grown premium hemp oil is used as the basis of our water soluble powder.


Using micro-encapsulated water soluble CBD powder proven to be more absorbable than CBD oil.

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