The Future of CBD

The Future of CBD

The Future of CBD

If you have a working pair of eyes or ears, youve probably seen CBD stores popping up left and right, or heard the media, your friends, and your family talking about it. CBD is the hottest new craze sweeping the nation right now, and if youre here, youre either already involved in the culture, or youre curious to learn more!

CBD – or cannabidiol – was first used in China all the way back in 2737 BC. Many prominent figures throughout history have been documented to use it for ailments, including Queen Victoria, who was believed to have used it for menstrual cramps in the late 1800s. Since then, many researchers and doctors have conducted studies to understand the true therapeutic and medical effects CBD has on humans. CBD and cannabinoids have been used to help with seizures, anxiety, depression, general aches and fatigue, and even topical ailments, such as acne and psoriasis 

California was the first state in the US to legalize medical marijuana and cbd in 1996, followed by Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Maine, Hawaii, Nevada, and Colorado by 2000. Today, more states are becoming accepting of legalizing medical marijuana, and the industry is expected to be valued at $22 billion by 2022.

CBD can be ingested as an edible, smoked as vapor, used as a topical balm or salve, and even as an oral spray. The most common way to get CBD, however, is through tinctures, or oil vials. Youve most likely seen CBD oil tinctures in stores – it is believed that this is the quickest, most effective way to get CBD into your system.

This, however, may not always be the case. When ordering CBD, its incredibly important to understand what and how much youre ordering – and CBD oil tinctures may not help with this.

Misleading percentages of CBD in oil form

When youre ordering CBD oil, you may notice that the amount of CBD in the bottle is relayed to you as a percentage, rather than a measurement. This is typically because its easier to understand just exactly how much CBD youre getting in that bottle. Its important to note that not all percentages are equal – for example, 10% in a 10ml bottle is not going to be the same as 10% in a 20ml bottle.

While its necessary to understand how much CBD youll be getting with each bottle purchase, its also necessary to know – what you see may not be necessarily what you get.

According to a study conducted by University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, your chances of getting mislabeled CBD oil is about 88%. This is not only detrimental to your wallet (because chances are, youre paying more for less CBD), but this is actually quite dangerous for those who rely on CBD for epilepsy, cancer, and other fatal medical conditions.

Even worse – one out of five CBD products were found to contain THC, which is very unhealthy for children – who may be taking it for childhood cancer or other childhood illnesses.

So – you dont want to waste your money, and you certainly dont want to risk any health issues by purchasing the incorrect amount of CBD. So, whats the solution?

CBD Water-Soluble Powder

Another lesser-known form of CBD is a water-soluble powder. This form of CBD was made on the idea that our bodies are made of 60% or more of water – while CBD oil can quickly enter the body, the absorption rate can vary anywhere from 4% to 96% - youre basically gambling how much CBD youll actually get when you take oil. With water-soluble CBD, youre able to absorb more as a much higher, more successful rate.

After atomising the cbd oil to break down the CBD into particles, it is suspended as a particle 100X smaller than traditional CBD oil and stabilised into a soluble powder and consumed by putting it in water or tablet form and drinking it.

Because the body can absorb water-soluble CBD better than oil, this means that the percentages or amounts on water-soluble packaging means youre getting much, much more of it. Not some of it, or none of it. Because this form is more effective, it helps you save money in the long run as well because you dont have to spend as much buying more CBD!

What does this mean? CBD could become as easily consumable as alcohol – there could be CBD bars, or CBD consumable bottles and cans to share during a summer BBQ. Feel good and receive benefits without the detriment (and hangover!) of alcohol.

While CBD water-soluble powder is still a new concept and not as available as edibles, oral pills, or in drinks, it is certainly the future of consuming CBD – one that could change the face of the CBD industry for the better.



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